Catskill Ski Program


The Catskill Learn to Ski and Snowboard Program for young people will be cancelled this year due to COVID 19. Although Hunter Mountain will remain open, the restriction regarding limitation on the mountain, concerns within the lodging area, availability of lesson and transportation cost, doesn’t warrant an effectively or safely run program for this year. The safety and well-being of the children is the most important aspect towards this decision. We look forward to the Catskill Learn to Ski and Snowboard program resuming during the 2021/2022 ski season.

With that said, the Real Close pass will be available for students to purchase this year without lessons or transportation, this is a Hunter Mountain only pass. It will be the responsibility of the pass holder/parent or guardian to follow the new reservation process and safety requirements that can be found at

Hunter Mountain Information Below:

Real Close Pass / Local School Pass = $299

How to buy it:

You can either call 518-263-5367 to purchase over the phone or you can purchase the pass in person at the Hunter Mountain Main Ticket Sales Area. Only credit card payment can be accepted (no cash or check). If you receive the answering service, please leave a message with your name, contact phone number and your call will be returned in a timely manner.

Forms that need to be signed by the parent:

The Release of Liability form needs to be signed by the parent or guardian before the pass can be picked up. If the pass is purchased over the phone, then you can create an on-line account at Once the purchase is finalized and the waiver form is complete on-line, the pass would be available to be picked at Hunter Mountain. If you decide to pick up the pass on-site, then a parent or guardian can sign a paper waiver form at that time.

Proof of Attendance at Local School:

To qualify for this pass, you must be enrolled in and attend a school in Greene County or any county that borders Greene County. In order to prove that your child is a student, they will need to show at time of pick-up: a current school ID, a report card from the current school year, or a letter from the school stating enrollment.

This pass is only available to buy until December 31st for students.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

Kevin Lennon
Email Address:
(518) 291-0990