Community Center History



The Catskill Community Center began as a YMCA that dates back as early as 1909.


In March of 1939 the YMCA became the Catskill Boys Club 

The Boys club had many programs to offer including a Drum Core pictured below.  If you look in our front windows you’ll see some of the old equipment and instruments that were used.

In 1957 tragedy stuck when a fire broke out, destroying the top floor of the building as well as 5 other stores nearby.

One floor short of the original structure, The center reopened and years later became the Catskill Community Center.

The Catskill Community Center unfortunately closed its doors in 2005 and then later reopened in 2006 with bright plans for the future

Since 2006 the community center has grown in programming for all ages.  It continues to serve Catskill and the surrounding areas with pride and a bright hope for the future.  We are always looking into ways to improve and truly appreciate all the love and support from the community through our ups and downs through the years.  We couldn’t do any of this without all of our wonderful community members, supports, incredible staff, and all of our program members!  We are truly humbled by how far we’ve come and how far we plan to go.