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A Message From the Catskill Community Center:

Welcome to the Catskill Community Center’s official website!

As a non-profit organization, our ability to serve is a reflection of the relationships that we are very fortunate and privileged to share. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of our contributors and volunteers. With your help, we are able to pursue our mission to create a healthy, vibrant, engaged, and inclusive community.

The Catskill Community Center is highly motivated to lead, and is diligently pursuing resources and community partnerships that will benefit Greene County and Catskill Town residents. Currently we are reimagining our Community Center spaces and putting in lots of time and energy refurbishing them. In the year ahead, we will be launching new programs and services in response to the growing demand for innovative educational programming, workshops, community service opportunities, and job-training, as well as holding space and time to simply come together socially for meals, performances, and events.

We ask that you join us, and watch for more chances to become involved! We encourage everyone to donate what you can, whether that be funds, equipment, time, or know-how, and to imagine your contribution helping to create a life-enhancing or potentially life-changing experience for our friends and neighbors. It is our hope that all who read this feel welcome and inspired to reach out, participate, volunteer, contribute, learn and grow—together.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about the Catskill Community Center’s services and programs, and again, heartfelt thanks to all of our volunteers, donors, service-learning students, partners, interns, and board members past and present. Your voices, and continued involvement, are so important to us.

Warm regards,

Catskill Community Center