Grade level: 3-6th

Day and Time: Thursdays 9-11am

Instructor: Brian Lowe

Location: The Catskill Golf Club, 27 Brooks Ln, Catskill

Hall of Famer, PGA Golf Pro, Brian Lowe will get you started in the game of golf – a lifetime sport! Enjoy the cool quietness of morning on the pristine golf greens at the Catskill Golf Course. Take advantage of supreme instruction provided by the best of the best! Golf Clubs are provided, but feel free to sport your own clubs if you have them. Wear sneakers, not sandals… have fun and get your game started.



Forest Exploration

Grade Level: PreK to Grade 2

Day and Time: Thursdays 9:45am to 12noon

Instructor: Irina Cardoso

Location: Catskill Wheelhouse, 46, Anbach Lane, Catskill

A fine opportunity to really get into the outdoor environment at the Catskill Wheelhouse. This picturesque mountaintop location and forest offers the children a guided study of insects and forest findings. Youth will develop a nature collection, create and build structures with natural materials and of course – play freely out of doors!



Personal Training

Grade level: 3rd-6th

Day and Time: Thursdays 12-2pm

Instructor: Marie & Brent Daley

Location: Muscle Hypertrophy 171 W Main St, Catskill

Guides youth on their own exercise journey through form, technique, self-respect, and respect for others.  They will learn about muscle building & flexibility with chart keeping. The workouts include activities such as: kickboxing, strength training, treadmill, bike, mini trampoline, medicine ball, bands, ropes and hula hoops! Games will be played and obstacle course designed (mini American Ninja). Then, Nerf Wars!