Grade level: 4-6th

Day and Time: Mondays 9-10:30pm

Instructors: Shakim Phillips & Ja-Sean Edmonds

Location: Catskill Comm. Center Gym, 344 Main St., Catskill



Drum Circle

Grade level: 3-6th

Day and Time: Mondays 12:30-2:30pm  

Instructor: Connie Parente

Location: The CCC & Dutchman’s Landing, Catskill

Connie will facilitate rhythms, games and singalongs based on Traditional African & American songs.  Instruments will be provided for all to participate in the music making. Instruments include: African Djembe, Darbuka Frame Drums, Maracas, Tambourines, Bells, and more! The open air and river scene will surely bring more fun to the drum as you connect with the rhythms while creating music with others.



Techniques of Black & White Drawing
Grade level: 3-6th
Day and Time: Mondays 12:30 – 2:30pm

Instructor: Chris Jenkins
Location: The Catskill Community Center, 344 Main St., Catskill Community Center

Chris will instruct youth to create their own drawings using pencil; how to translate inner creative thoughts to fine art along with journaling. Techniques will include: design, perspective, shading & shadowing. Chris will share his story of how he became an artist and will inspire your artistic self!


Building Skills with Board Games

Grade level: 5-8th

Day and Time: Mondays 12n-3pm

Location: Kirwans Game, Store 369 Main Street, Catskill

Join us as we play a variety of board games that will build important life skills. We’ll focus on cooperative board games; where players learn to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal, resource management board games; where players acquire and spend resources to gain victory points, and deduction games; where players recognize patterns to solve puzzles.


Imagination Meditation / Intro to Reiki & Chakras

Grade level: 3rd-6th                                                              Grade level: K-2nd grade

Day and Time: Mondays 10am to 12noon                           Day and Time Mondays 1pm-3pm

Instructor: Lori Johnson RN and therapist in the healing arts

Location: Catskill Community Center, 344 Main St., Catskill

This program will enhance the child’s ability to practice meditation, as well as learn enjoyable movement exercises for releasing energy. Artistic abilities will be explored post mediation, involving the colors of the Chakras. There will be time for sharing thoughts and learning about healing. (Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy).