Grade level: K-3rd

Day and Time: Fridays 9-11am

Instructors: Shakim Phillips & Ja-Sean Edmonds

Location: Catskill Comm. Center Gym, 344 Main Street, Catskill

Basic skills, rules and regulations of the popular team sport Basketball.


Musical Comedy

Grade level: 5th through 8th grade plus your favorite fun-loving adult (this in an intergenerational program)

Day and Time: Fridays 9-11:45am

Instructors: Rosemary Graham & Edie Bentley

Location: Washington Irving Senior Center, 15 Academy St, Catskill 

A singing, dancing, comedy based on The Dr. Phil Show. Be a performer, artist, stage technician or simply sign up and see where your best talent lies. The “All New Dr. Phil Show” script will be handed out at the time of registration and Final Show will be held at The Catskill Community Center on Saturday, Aug. 5th.  This hilarious parody will keep you smiling all summer!



Branding Yourself, Through a Sense of Place

Grade level: 5-6th 2-4pm

Day and Time: Fridays (*not 8/4)

Instructors: Sarah Hasbrook & Melanie Hasbrook

Location: The Catskill Community Center Plus In and Around Town

This social media course will push your thinking to see more of the world around you, challenge you to take a deeper look at where you live and how to put your own “fingerprint” on your social media outlets. Professional photographers will help you to to train your eye to see details in everyday life, and then project your experiences through your own social media.  Learn about internet safety as well as social media trends.  Please bring your Smartphone. This program will involve short walking/interaction throughout the Village.

Join us and tell us about #yourstory.  *This event is made possible in part with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the NYS Council on the Arts, administered in Greene County by the Greene County Council on the Arts through the Community Arts Grants program.



(Drumline) to be determined